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December 25, 2007


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Karen G.

Dear ML and F,

I am the wife of a man I have recently heard is a part of the very large community in Austin of homeless. I have been searching for him now a year, and have been blessed on Christmas Day with speaking to his stepfather who he called on Thanksgiving.

I am trying to find him, and hope that anyone out there can share this with him. His name is Luke Gabriel George, he had to serve a sentence with TDCJ and instead of coming back to West Texas headed for Austin last January. I love him with all my heart; he has some special needs and yet does he know I think not.

God does not put any of us here to have 100% happiness but to love, cherish, and give kindness back. I am a disabled RN and face pain each day of my life but can only imagine what my dear Luke has faced on the streets of Austin without a home, as so many of you have experienced.

May God bless your organization and the fellowship in Christ that unites you. I have been in Virginia my daughter from the first marriage had a major heart attack and nearly died, I hate Richmond but plan to be back in the Austin area (after six long and brutal months) and perhaps then God will lead me back to Luke.

If you are reading this Luke I love you and the Salvation Army is looking for you and you can only imagine where I have gone to find you.

PEACE out to all you good people!

I can be emailed at ToughYou@aol.com if anyone has information on Luke.

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